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    WIA New Releases

    I honestly can not wait to add one of these guys to my collection, glad to hear about the more protective packaging, I have never had an issue with models from you guys but some of my fellow collectors ordering straight from the german retailers have had broken models arrive.
  3. For all the horse model collectors out there, and anyone who appreciates a seriously good sculpture, you really must check out WIA if you haven’t already. Brigitte Eberl is a genius and has created a number of exceptional horse figures, the latest of which is Vincenzo, a stallion sculpted in a low, kneeled, bowing position, or ‘compliment’. The attention to muscular definition is remarkable and the colouration is truly beautiful, of which there are two - Grey and Perlino Honestly, do yourself a favour and check them out. They are coming to us from Germany but we will definitely let you know when they arrive if you sign up to be notified. (Also, if you’re worried about these beauties being broken on their travels to you, don’t be. WIA have begun using a very protective blister packaging to help ensure their safety).
  4. Schleich 2022: 1st half release dates When these items are due at MiniZoo. https://www.minizoo.com.au/schleich/schleich-2022/ *Please note these dates are estimates only and may change. MARCH: Wild Life: Flamingo SC14849 Beaver SC14855 Cougar SC14853 Farm World: Stork SC13936 Ram SC13937 Belgian Draft Horse SC13941 Horse Club: Oldenburger Foal SC13947 Oldenburger Mare SC13945 Oldenburger Stallion SC13946 Dinosaurs: Amargasaurus SC15029 Parasaurolophus SC15030 Volcano Expedition Base Camp SC42564 Bayala: Marshmallow Unicorn Foal SC70724 Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion SC70722 Marshmallow Unicorn Mare SC70723 Rainbow Love Unicorn Mare SC70726 Rainbow Love Unicorn Foal SC70727 Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion SC70725 APRIL: Wild Life: Tapir Baby SC14851 Tapir SC14850 Slow Loris SC14852 Farm World: Goldendoodle SC13939 Ragdoll Cat SC13940 Horse Club: Trakehner Foal SC13944 Dinosaurs: Majungasaurus SC15032 MAY: Wild Life: Mandrill SC14856 Emperor Scorpion SC14857 Wild Life Puzzlemals S1 SC87921 Farm World: Piglet SC13934 Pig SC13933 Lop-Eared Rabbit SC13935 Greyhound SC13938 Bull Terrier SC13966 Farm World Puzzlemals S1 SC87920 Horse Club: Iceland Pony Mare SC13942 Iceland Pony Stallion SC13943 Criollo Definitivo Foal SC13949 Criollo Definitivo Mare SC13948 Dinosaurs: Nothosaurus SC15031 Styracosaurus SC15033 Bayala: Sunrise Pegasus Foal SC70721 Sunrise Pegasus SC70720 Rainbow Dragon SC70728 Eldrador: Mini Creatures SC70636 Jungle Emperor SC70151 JUNE: Wild Life: Iguana SC14854 Bayala: Assorted Hatching Animals SC70635 Llamacorn SC70743 Eldrador: Ice Tiger SC70147 Lava Tiger SC70148 Stone Dragon SC70149 Mini Creatures S2 SC70636 Mini Creature Lava Robot SC42545 Mini Creature Ice Robot SC42546 Mini Creature Stone Robot SC42547 Mini Creature Jungle Robot SC42548
  5. The PNSO 2022 line up keeps coming - YAY! Xiaoqin the Tsintaosaurus is expected late March/early April. Xiaoqin the Tsintaosaurus Scientific Art Model This herbivorous hadrosaur has occasionally been called the ‘unicorn dinosaur’ due to its vibrant and unique head crest which is painted green, yellow and orange with black outlining along its ridge. Green and yellow paintwork covers its body, darker stripes are featured on its back, and in true PNSO fashion, this dino model is exceptionally detailed with scales and wrinkles ensuring this prehistoric creature really comes to life in your home museum. Xiaoqin also comes with: A3 & A4 sci-art posters 48 page manual display base And a unique QR code to be scanned revealing a video on how the model was created. Also FYI, be sure not to confuse this model with the earlier PNSO Tsintaosaurus, Cuiyu, (which can also be found at MZ if you’re a Tsingtao fan).
  6. 10% off the full range of Folkmanis. Simply enter the code PuppetLove to claim your discount. Valid for the next 48 hours from the date above.
  7. I would say lower ie the base of the neck
  8. Out of curiosity.. how do you think a long neck dinosaur would wear a tie?
  9. I bought the Mojo Snow Leopard from Minizoo last year & it has to be one of my favourite non-Australian Wild Animal Figures! It even went to a Live Model Horse Show recently & won it's class of Wild Animal Figures! All figures by Mojo, are attracting my attention these days more & more! What Figures have caught your attention lately?
  10. Another dino announcement from PNSO - this time a Tyrannosaur! Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus is also expected around March. Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus Much like all of PNSO’s dinos, the realism in the scaly and wrinkled detailing makes this model very impressive, and the dark stripes on its strong tail also make this tyrannosaur easily identifiable amongst your home museum or dine collection. This carnivorous predator features an articulated jaw which helps to showcase a seriously cool set of dangerous teeth. I wouldn’t want to have been around when this guy was hungry! This tyrannosaur model also comes with some great dino paraphernalia: A3 sci-art poster 64 page manual unique QR code which can be scanned to reveal a video on how the model was created. Sign up to be notified when he arrives in stock at MiniZoo
  11. Collecta sale is on now! For the next 2 weeks enjoy 10% off the enture range of Collecta at MiniZoo! No Code needed. Sale prices as marked - ends midnight Monday 21st Feb. Sale conditions apply. https://minizoo.com.au/collecta/
  12. Gorgeous work! The last one is my favorite, but I love them all! ❤
  13. Thank you! I use acrylic matte paint and various brushes - usually small brushes because it's less work to fix if I make a mistake.
  14. All very nice Breyer Traditionals! Very difficult decision! I would choose Chablis probably. It is one of my favourite moulds.
  15. Two more impressive dinos to add to the PNSO 2022 releases list: Anthony the Styracosaurus, and Essien the Spinosaurus 2022. They’re expected around March, so don’t forget to be signed up if you want to be notified when they arrive in stock at MiniZoo! PNSO Anthony the Styracosaurus This Styracosaurus Albertensis has a seriously impressive set of spikes on its large neck frill, awesome stripes all the way down its back and tail, and this ceratopsian model also comes with some great dino paraphernalia: A3 sci-art poster 64 page manual unique QR code which can be scanned to reveal a video on how the model was created. PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus 2022 This is an updated version of the previous Essien the Spinosaurus, with a newer and more impressive paint job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail on the base of this model, with the sculpted aquatic prey on the muddy ground, ensuring Essien stands over his meal guarding it from unwanted company. As well as the base, this dinosaur model comes with: sci-art posters 48 page manual unique QR code which can be scanned to reveal a video on how the model was created. What do you think of these ones?
  16. I’ll be planning on getting the African elephant, American bison, tree python, alpaca, penguin chicks, green iguana, anglerfish, and peraceratherium!
  17. Oh, and the Red Kangaroo. The only group photo I have is before the horses and Diprotodon were available.
  18. Here's all the original Southlands models
  19. Priscilla

    Horse Tack

    And has great results
  20. Embo

    Horse Tack

    Thank you both, Priscilla, it is a type of foil, I don't know the name sorry, but it is really fun to work with.
  21. Here’s when we're expecting new CollectA 2022 models at MiniZoo! We’ll see the first shipment arrive in mid-late February and the rest in June. Which are you most excited for? See the range on our website here : https://www.minizoo.com.au/collecta/collecta-2022/ Remember to sign up to receive an email notification when they’re available!
  22. We definitely have all of the original product images available - when I'm back at the office on Monday I'll see if I can grab a copy of them and put them up here
  23. MZ_Kieran

    Horse Tack

    Those are some really intricate pieces there!
  24. Priscilla

    Horse Tack

    Love the colour you got intomthe second one
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