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  1. 10% off the full range of Folkmanis. Simply enter the code PuppetLove to claim your discount. Valid for the next 48 hours from the date above.
  2. Collecta sale is on now! For the next 2 weeks enjoy 10% off the enture range of Collecta at MiniZoo! No Code needed. Sale prices as marked - ends midnight Monday 21st Feb. Sale conditions apply. https://minizoo.com.au/collecta/
  3. We definitely have all of the original product images available - when I'm back at the office on Monday I'll see if I can grab a copy of them and put them up here
  4. MZ_Kieran

    Horse Tack

    Those are some really intricate pieces there!
  5. Images have been released of the final prototyping for Moros Intrepidus or "Harbringer of Doom". We're looking forward to seeing the final product.
  6. Here are some of the limited edition Breyer models announced for Breyerfest 2022. It's unclear whether or not any of these models will be released outside of VIP's and ticket holders for the event, but keep an eye out as I'm sure they may appear secondhand for purchase if you're lucky! In no particular order of announcement... Nikolas Stein Brahms Chablis Chardonnay Elbe and Spree Franz Landler Marzipan Montanara Rapunzel Black Forest And for something a little bit different - The "Breyer Bears" If you had to pick one model you were able to buy, which one would it be? You can read more about each of the models and the events at Breyerfest 2022 here
  7. Not a problem. Yep PNSO is a favorite of ours here, they've got some quality models. Creative beast studio is good too. What software are you using to sculpt? Blender or something a bit more specific like zbrush?
  8. I’ve always wanted ferrets. It looks like you have a nice family there. Are they as smelly as people say they are?
  9. These are really cool! I had a look at the video too (might’ve even got a sub) Is digital work something you do for a living or just a hobby?
  10. Here's a closer look at the border collies that we have here (we don't have any Schleich in stock at the moment but can share those when we do) Collecta - Safari - Papo
  11. Nice one. We tried carrying the range (and still have some laying around) of Woodland Scenics to try and provide an option for this kind of thing, but obviously when you've got the real deal laying on the ground outside its a lot easier and cheaper to collect that instead - and the results speak for themselves with a bit of creativity! I'd be keeping an eye on that stick else you'll have a log missing given the opportunity...
  12. These are really well done! What have you been using for your environments?
  13. My personal favorite is probably Papo's model, but I'm sure they're all up for debate. I'll share some side by side photos when I'm back at the warehouse on Monday
  14. Please read the rules and guidelines before posting. Some individual forum sub-categories will have specific additional rules and guidelines. Posting Guidelines Please show respect to other members of the forum. Insults, name calling and general putting down of others will not be tolerated. This is a "family friendly" environment, consider it PG - Overly offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated. If you are unsure if your post topic has been covered previously, please use the search feature to double check and avoid doubling up on the same topic. Try to post your topic in the relevant category where possible. If you're not too sure where it fits best, put it in the general discussion board and it can be moved from there later if required. Try to avoid double posting (Submitting a post and then submitting a reply immediately after your last reply) you may use a double post to bump your own topic to the top of the forum once a week. Excessive double posting will result in those posts being removed. Please ensure your post has relevant information. Any posts that have very little information provided or are unclear as to the topic may be removed until further review. Images uploaded will be resized to a maximum of 1000x1000px. Posting Rules Crossposts (eg. the same user posting the same content on multiple forums) will be removed immediately once identified. Any discussions about sales or trades of items are at your own risk - MiniZoo holds no responsibility for transactions between members and their contacts or information stored about the exchange of goods. Linking products from other stores or websites is allowed when used in general discussions. Posting direct advertisements of promotions, products or services outside of MiniZoo is not allowed. Promotions from MiniZoo will be contained to the "News and Announcements" section of the forum. If you are unsure with any of the above or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact an administrator or moderator.
  15. Hello and welcome! We're excited to introduce you to our new official forum. We decided that we wanted to create a space for our community of collectors and like minded people to share their love for animal and dinosaur figures and toys. We want you all to tell us what you think of your latest Lion figure you've added to your collection, or the upcoming T-Rex model that your favorite brand is releasing next, or share your experience when meeting a real crocodile for the first time. Not only that, we want to be part of it all and show you what we have and maybe, where we can, give you a sneak peek into anything we know early on, as soon as we know about it. Unsure about what the colours of a particular model would look like in real life? Hopefully we can help you and others by sharing some photos of the figure in our hands. Did you create a diorama for your shelf or project that you want to show everyone how it was made? Give us a step by step walk through. But hey, where's the inspiration for these incredible figures without the real things?! We want you to share your trip to the zoo, or the museum or the adventure you had in the backyard. What animals or creatures did you see? How do they compare to the toys you can hold in your hand? We want everyone to get excited about this too. The idea is that by discussing and sharing this information with each other, we can help create a place for others to find this information useful. While the forum is owned and operated by the team here at MiniZoo, we want to encourage discussions regardless of product origin or experiences at a single location, this is for everyone to talk about a common interest. So we hope you'll join in, or at least find something interesting to read! Just before you jump in and share what you have, please take a moment to read the forum rules. The forum is a work in progress and we will change things over time, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know and we'll see what we can do! - Kieran
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