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  1. @Jason , thanks so much!
  2. @MZ_Kieran , these are software that I used: ZBrush = for animal sculpting Substance Painter = for animal painting Blender = for rendering Adobe Premiere Pro = for video composing
  3. Hi MZ_Kieran, Thanks so much for watching (and subscribing) the videos. It's my hobby. I love animal figurines. And one day I thought, why not learn how to make it on my own. And I thought, making a physical figurine is too much trouble for me (my living space is quite small). So, I thought digital sculpting is better. And then the journey started. I was fan of Papo dinosaur for past few years, until I noticed PNSO recently. Loving PNSO quality so much.
  4. This is my digital sculpted animals. I also made them into animation video. Digital sculpted animals
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