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  1. I would say lower ie the base of the neck
  2. Priscilla

    Horse Tack

    And has great results
  3. Priscilla

    Horse Tack

    Love the colour you got intomthe second one
  4. Is there any chance of photos of the whole collection as a reference to recognize them if they come out in Mojo
  5. Just not quick enough to get all of them
  6. Thanks I must have got in quick
  7. I just got all the ones I could and I think it's a crying shame that they have had to stop as they are brilliant
  8. Yes they are smelly, similar to otters - theirs is the fishy version as they are both mustilids. It took me a while to get used to it with my first boy but now I don't notice it. Most people get them desexed as soon as possible as it does reduce the smell. The Latin name for ferrets translates to smelly little thief and they live up to it. Having said that they make adorable pets for the right owner and are usually kept in pairs or more. They can be microchipeď which is a good option as they are explorers that can get in really small places, my first boy is currently missing having dug under the fence.
  9. A series on famous people with their animals could be interesting. Apparently Ghengis Khan had ferrets for hunting, probably with dogs and falcon but not sure. Of course there is Alexander the great with his war horse. Queen Elizabeth with her corgies and horses. The list could go on.
  10. They look great, I dream of being able to do a room size one with my collection but I would have to own a house. Also most of my original collection got stolen when my unit I was renting was trashed. I have got more since though
  11. I like them all but especially the one with the kerchief
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