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  1. Gorgeous work! The last one is my favorite, but I love them all! ❤
  2. Thank you! I use acrylic matte paint and various brushes - usually small brushes because it's less work to fix if I make a mistake.
  3. Sam Oakes


    Who else likes to repaint figures? I'm new to painting so I usually buy cheap figures to practice with.
  4. Grimalkin, thank you! The first step is to pick a theme- safari, woodland, jungle, etc. Then look outside (around your house or a park or walking trails) for anything you can use - rocks, sticks, pieces of bark. Go to the dollar store or Walmart if you have one and find cheap crafting supplies - styrofoam to shape things, paint brushes, glue, fake flowers, pebbles, preserved moss, etc. Then mess around with the materials to get an idea of how you want to lay everything down before gluing. Depending on what you're trying to glue, school glue might not be enough. I use hot glue for larger items and spray adhesive for grass, sand and styrofoam. The hardest part is always finding time! But I hope this helped a little.
  5. Mine too, JennaZebra! Not sure if you saw my collection post, but these are all the fennecs I have. Left to right Two Schleich, Yowie, Miniature Planet, Papo & CollectA
  6. Buying is a lot easier! Usually half way through my projects I wish I'd just bought something pre-made It's always rewarding in the end though. I'm planning to try and make a super cheap, easy and kid friendly diorama. I've had a request to do a video or take pictures of the process/materials so I'll share them here if it goes well. Then I'll do an adult one next (hot glue/ hot knife). She would 100% steal that stick if she could, she's got no self control! Lol. I had it down to take pictures, but they're up high when they're not in use.
  7. Thank you! So many different materials, but most are natural. I use preserved moss, sand substrate (for reptiles), pieces of wood from branches, rocks I find while hiking, diffrent colored flock, pieces from fake flower arrangements and aquarium decorations, etc. Pretty much anything cheap and accessible! I use wood boards for the bases so it can hold more weight and is more sturdy. Then, depending on the material/object I'm placing, I use either hot glue or adhesive spray. The first picture I used a canvas as the board and cut/painted styrofoam to make the rock cave The second is mostly moss, rocks and wood The last has artificial plants and a stick- my hound doesn't understand why she can't have said stick
  8. Here are some pictures from a safari rescue we visited last year. The elands and zebras were so beautiful!
  9. The first picture is the 5th and largest diorama I've made so far. Followed are my first few and they are much smaller.
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